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Data recovery from HDD

To recover data from SATA and PATA (IDE) HDD, you can select the PC-3000 that meets your specific requirements:

High speed
PC-3000 Express Professional System – the fastest, most efficient and powerful product that ever existed
PC-3000 UDMA Professional System – the main “workhorse” for daily use at any data recovery lab
PC-3000 Portable Professional System – the fully-featured mobile PC-3000 for on-site data recovery

Data recovery from SAS/SCSI HDDs
Top speed imaging from SATA, and SAS/SCSI HDDs
Maximum speedFast imaging PC-3000 SAS Professional System – enables you to recover data from SAS/SCSI HDDs.PC-3000 SAS Professional System – allows creation of fast image-copies from SAS/SCSI and SATA HDDs.

Data recovery from RAID
High speed, supremeCost-effective PC-3000 Express RAID Professional System – the fastest, most indispensable solution if you often recover data from RAIDPC-3000 UDMA RAID Professional System – the most efficient solution for those engineers who occasionally restore RAID cases in their labs

Data recovery from Flash NEW!
High-end professional PC-3000 Flash – fast, state-of-the-art solution with convenient automatic modes for the most efficient Flash recovery possible.
  • PC-3000 Flash PC-3000 FlashNEW!  enables recovery of NAND based devices.
    Socket: TSOP48, LGA52, BGA152, etc.
    96 MB/s

Data recovery from SSD NEW!
Unique PC-3000 SSD – the latest, high tech solution for recovering SSD. The first tool in the world for working with SSD in technological mode.

HDD repair

You can select which type of PC-3000 will fit your needs, comparing speed, efficiency and price:

Highest speed
PC-3000 Express – the most powerful and efficient of our products
PC-3000 UDMA – essential product for everyday use
PC-3000 Portable – intended for on-site use
PC-3000 SAS – provides incredible speeds for repairing SAS/SCSI drives
  • PC-3000 Express PC-3000 Express is a hardware-software product for repairing SATA, and PATA (IDE) HDDs
    4 SATA ports, 2 PATA ports, UDMA 133
  • PC-3000 UDMA PC-3000 UDMA is a hardware-software product for repairing SATA, and PATA (IDE) HDDs
    2 SATA ports, 1 PATA port, UDMA 100 – UDMA 133
  • PC-3000 Portable PC-3000 Portable is a hardware-software product for repairing SATA, and PATA (IDE) HDDs
    1 PATA port, 1 SATA port, USB connection , UDMA 66/33
  • PC-3000 SAS/SCSI PC-3000 SAS/SCSI is hardware-software product for repairing HDD (SAS/SCSI)
    4 SAS ports, 3 GB/s

SSD repair NEW!
Unique PC-3000 SSD – the best choice for repairing Solid State Drives that have problems with modules, microcode or firmware.

Upgrade Opportunities
Owning a PC-3000 Express Professional system or a PC-3000 UDMA Professional system will enable you to recover data from SATA, and PATA (IDE) drives. If you want to recover data from RAID as well, you can upgrade your system to a Data Extractor RAID Edition.

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